Pancakes? She Said Pancakes

So last Saturday we wanted a reason to fly. The Arrow was reserved from 1-10 p.m., so we needed a morning destination. Breakfast! We chose KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Gorgeous clear blue sky, smooth flight, Deb took pics of wind farms. But boy were we hungry by the time we got to Oshkosh. We figured we'd stop at the Hilton and grab a coffee and breakfast.

As we exited runway 27 on Bravo 1, the tower asked "Are you here for the pancakes?" Parth said we were headed to the Hilton and got instructions on how to get there. Deb said "Pancakes? She said pancakes! Where are the pancakes?" So Parth calls the tower and they tell us to turn 180 on Bravo, and head straight to the terminal. Pancakes are in the terminal.

We had a nice morning of supporting an EAA chapter, pancakes, syrup and whipped butter, Intelligentsia coffee, conversation, and of course, aircraft to admire.

So I'd suggest check out the fly-in schedules, or else you'll miss out on something unique while eating at any ol' Hilton. Here are a few sources: (indeed Saturday's Oshkosh flyin is listed here)
Fly-in Calendar
FLYING magazine 2009 Calendar
EAA Chapter Fly-in Search

Do you know of other fly-in calendars? Post them in the comments!
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