Imagination for Fromagination in Madison

Better flying weather has sprung and Deb is grounded no more. It sucks being grounded. Ask any teenager.

It's been a whole winter without flying. What punishment. And for what?!

We need a break from business-business busy-ness on the weekends. What better break than a great lunch in another city that you couldn't just drive to and from, quickly from Chicagoland. When you're not grounded, ahhhhh ... you can zip in, have a good lunch on a sunny afternoon, do some people-watching, do a little window-shopping, and zip back to Lake in the Hills.

We decided Madison was a good zip-in/zip-out destination and Deb chose Fromagination as a lunch spot. Considering she happily -- deliriously happily -- lived on practically only pecorino cheese, honey and wine for a few weeks in Italy several years ago, this spot fit the bill. Now we are not snobs, we just appreciate eating good-tasting food -- who wouldn't! -- and good cheese is good stuff. Frankly we don't even know how to pronounce many cheeses. Just hope the seller says "gruyere" before you have to, that's our strategy. Saying "goat cheese" we can handle. "Chevre" though, not so sure. Even though that's Deb's favorite cheese, we've seen it in print on store receipts often enough! Anyway, that's where we're at in the cheese game, but we do like to eat the cheese, and good cheese. There's a chevre from California that spreads real well on paper-thin 34-degree crackers and it's soooooooo good, might as well not bother eating anything else for a meal. Plus we heard if you're traveling back to Chicago, Fromagination has ice packs to help keep your new cheese investment chilled. They even have picnic baskets and blankets so you can enjoy a picnic and return the basket and blanket to the store! If they care that much, well then, we care to visit them.

And as a bonus, Fromagination is across from the Madison Farmers Market, near the Capitol. Schedule the Arrow to hit both on a Saturday morning. Stop by, talk and eat cheese.

And if Fromagination isn't enough to fill your schedule or your stomach, there's plenty of other stuff to do and things to eat in Madison. And Wisconsin isn't all about beer only, Madison has a vodkatorium too. What's that? Never heard of that? Well, um, neither have we ... sounds fun though, for the passenger in the right seat. In addition to vodka, the vodkatorium has an interesting food menu, including a meal called Hot Gooey Mess. How could you not want to fly to Madison and check that out!

Gotta 'fess up, Deb is so excited about getting in the air again, this post is written Friday night. The weather and wind sure better work in our favor on Saturday morning or she's gonna be crushed. So here's hopin' some pictures of Fromagination and the Madison Farmers Market are posted here after a Saturday flight ...
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