Handy EAA iPhone Apps

Keep in the loop at Oshkosh with free EAA radio app on your iPhone. Can't hear the announcers? Want EAA radio at your campsite? Not attending but want to feel like you are? Get streaming radio on your phone. Bonus -- last year's interviews are archived.

Find your way with AirVenture's map app. We haven't tried it yet because we're not there yet, but it looks like it notes your location via GPS on the map. You can even save where your car or campsite is located.

But don't look down at the phone too much. We're at EAA to look up!

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Oh Gosh Oshkosh!

It's here! AirVenture!

Anyone flying the Arrow to Oshkosh, the busiest airport in the world? Tell us what it's like! Send your story to "N33815 (at) gmail.com."

We're loading up the car for Camp Scholler. Definitely more than 150 pounds worth of stuff so we're driving. Tiki torches, margarita mix. You know, the really essential stuff.

This weekend's weather should be great -- sunny, and in the 60s at night to cool things down. Follow the AirVenture Survival Guide's #1 tip and wear sunscreen.

Piper is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Piper Cherokee with a mass arrival of 50 aircraft. Aren't these good-lookin'. Plus special events for Cherokee owners and admirers. We'll be there!

Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band play Friday night at the Theater in the Woods. Cameras always flash like crazy because he's a star of CSI: New York. And remember the Vietnam veteran in Forrest Gump? Yeah, that was him too -- the Lt. Dan Band is named after his character.

On Saturday night, bring your chairs and watch The Red Baron at the Fly-In Theater or see the Night Air Show.

Remember to follow AirVenture on Twitter and set up Twitter to deliver to your phone while you're there to get immediate news about arrivals, events, schedule changes, etc.

And don't forget the sunscreen! Why so many reminders? Let's just say we wouldn't want serious lobster face to happen to anyone else.

"The Best Thing Is, There's No Speed Limit Up Here!"

The funny things kids say when you fly Young Eagles! Which we did on Saturday with EAA Chapter 932 at Galt. Sorry the pics are not the clearest, they are iPhone pictures. (See the Galt Airport Young Eagles pics on Facebook!)



There were even some taildraggers with no radios that landed on the grass strip. What a treat for those kids!

By the way, EAA Chapter 932 has a great community going. Check out the Chapter's calendar of events, and a newsletter with travel stories and spectacular photos taken by fellow pilots and their passengers. Some of them fly much further than we have. Mountain photos!

Although we weren't able to show the Young Eagles an aerial view of mountains today, but they did get to see the beautiful waterways of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, like Lake Geneva and the Fox River Chain O'Lakes.

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Stay at a "Fly-Inn" Hotel in Iowa City

Iowa City is about a one-hour flight away, 148 nm from 3CK.

Right off the Iowa City Municipal Airport runways is an inn designed for aviators: Alexis Park Inn. How is it designed for aviators? Let us count thee ways:

The decor. The whole place is adorned with aviation-theme posters, books, aircraft parts. There's even an airplane telephone. Lampshades have planes painted on them. You'll see aviation-themed stained glass in windows. Each accommodation is a suite. Each suite has its own aviation theme. We stayed in the Stearman Suite which features a Stearman propellor (yes there is a story behind the condition of the propellor):

Even the bedside table features a Stearman:

The understanding staff and pilot amenities. A courtesy car is available for pilots, between the airport and the inn and for short trips.

The flight simulator with 100-plus inch screen! Fun! We had a great time doing things you can't do in real life, like flying a Piper Cub like a mad hornet around O'Hare.

And Deb made her first flight in the Cub, zoomed around Chicago, and successfully landed it at O'Hare! Between two houses, but never mind, it didn't crash, that's what counts.

We want one of these simulators now. Badly!

If you can tear yourself away from the simulator, there are things to do and see and foods to eat in Iowa City. Start planning your trip with the Convention and Visitors Bureau site, recommendations at Trip Advisor, and the Downtown Iowa City site.

We only had 24 hours and this was partly a business trip. But we did have time to wander through the Jazz Festival and its culinary row.

And we ate at The Red Avocado and Pagliai's Pizza -- two restaurants recommended by others online.

The Red Avocado, located at 521 E Washington St., is an organic vegetarian restaurant but the food is flavorful enough to satisfy non-vegetarians. Loads of flavor! We missed the lunch and dinner times, but even just the happy hour nacho plate special, soup and salad were the most creative, flavorful nacho, soup and salad we've ever experienced. How do you even explain it with words. You can't. It was that good. You've just got to go. There's outdoor seating available for enjoying the weather and people-watching.

Pagliai's Pizza is called the Best of Iowa City. It was good. Believe the people online who warn you to not take a big bite of this pizza right after it's delivered to your table. It's hot! These folks know pizza. The crust is on the thinner side, although not technically thin crust, and it's perfectly baked.

Commonly recommended things to do include walking around the bars, restaurants and shops in the area downtown paved with cobblestones. Visit the Old Capitol Building which has been there since Iowa was still a territory. Check out the Devonian Fossil Gorge north of Iowa City. You'll see fossils exposed in an area washed out by the great floods of 1993. And stay at Alexis Park Inn and play with the simulator!

How Do You Land 31 Planes While Flying In One?

Like this!

With the FlightControl iPhone app. Only 99 cents. Very addictive.

Freedom of Flight on Independence Day

On this Independence Day, we woke at 5 a.m. to depart before an advancing storm front that could have kept us grounded until after tomorrow. It's amazing that we have the freedom to make a quick 24-hour trip to Iowa City, flying ourselves, two days after we decided to go. How many people on this planet can do that?

While we flew over the small cities and farmfields between Iowa City and Lake in the Hills, we cruised over the homes of America's high school band members waking up to march in today's parades ... we spotted pilots below us flying in to a big Sunday pancake breakfast ... we saw trains snaking from town to town, carrying America's goods.

It did feel very free. On many levels. On a practical point, the freedom to not be bound by summer interstate construction and traffic. The freedom to fly on our own agenda, and without long lines and checked baggage fees and worrying about how many ounces of contact lens solution we're carrying. The freedom to see the world like a bird sees it, aloft in the air. This freedom is precious.

Support AOPA's effort to keep general aviation free to serve America.

In honor of our country's freedom, hear the words of the Declaration of Independence.

Please be careful when opening overhead bins as their contents may have shifted during flight.

Our version today is,

"Please be careful when standing under the Arrow's flightpath as its contents may have shifted during flight."

En route to Iowa City, the cabin was noisy. And a bit windy, even after closing air vents opened by previous passengers who wanted cooler air. Further, the Arrow was performing about 20 nm lower speed than Parth expected. Turning further to investigate, Deb discovered the baggage door was unlatched and open. It had been secure prior to take-off. What's more, a laptop bag was mere inches from the edge.

We diverted to Rockford to land, and secure and lock the door. As the latch was secure at Lake in the Hills, locking in addition to latching the door closed is recommended. It's not only about the stuff in the baggage compartment, but those on the ground who might be in its path.

(Note: Obviously the baggage hold door will be examined and fixed.)
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