Fly-In Camping

While bringing out the camping gear for EAA this year, we realized this stuff hasn't seen the light of day since EAA last year. Gotta do something about that! We brainstormed how to find campsites by flight while we hung out under our canvas canopy, eating BBQ lunch and drinking beer. Our brainstorm didn't result in many ideas. Even with the help of beer. We really didn't know how to find campsites to fly to.

As if by magic, right after lunch we're strolling the hangars and we find American Air Campers.

It's a membership organization with a useful online guide to camping locations. You can find on-field camping facilities nationwide. We got a tour and saw how the service provides the info that campers want plus the unique and essential information that pilots need. Right down to courtesy cars and rentals, distance to restaurants and nearby towns, etc. There's a forum where members can share honest experiences about camping locations. They hold organized fly-in camping trips. It sounds like a nice community.

See the video demo of the service on the American Air Campers home page and check out their blog for destination stories.

Great Wall of Fire @ EAA AirVenture Night Air Show

We gotta admit, despite our excitement about standing directly on the flight line when T-28s taxi'd out, their wingtips only feet from our faces, the Night Air Show with the Great Wall of Fire was the biggest crowd-pleaser at this year's show.

Have you ever seen a Night Air Show? They use light to dazzle -- lots of different kinds of light: landing and wingtip lights, lights from multiple craft flying in close formation, extra mounted lights, trails of sparklers, fireworks. Fireworks? Yes, one plane deployed fireworks during its routine. Gotta find out how they did that.

A grand finale of fireworks from the ground ended with the Great Wall of Fire. Watch two timelapse videos of the whole event from EAA:

We felt that wall of fire heat blast!

See EAA's story about the Night Air Show.

See more photos like this in EAA's Photo Gallery:

Photo by DeKevin Thornton

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