Sunday Dinner at Bluephies in Madison

After almost choosing Italian for dinner in Madison because it's a safe choice (see post on finding dinner in Madison), we decided Bluephies' promise that they're "serious about fun food" was too good to pass up. C'mon, how can this place not be fun:

Look at the color in this place -- fun all around:

Image from

Because it's also a vodkatorium, we started with Black Cherry Cosmos (except for the pilot of course). Can you say smoooooooth stuff.

You gotta check out the fun creative menus. We had such a hard time deciding, we ordered a bunch of things and split them all around the table. This was a vegetarian outing, so we chose:

  • little rice balls appetizers (bits of gouda included, yum)

  • cheese plate appetizer (we don't know what the cheeses were but they were well paired with green apple and candied pecans)

  • black bean & goat cheese enchiladas and spinach enchiladas

  • sweet potato quesadilla

  • sweet potato fries with an aioli dip (perfect mix of lightly fried on the outside and slightly mushy on the inside, and sweet)

  • aspagarus frites with honey mustard dip (light tempura, fantastic!)
And, Deb's favorite part of the meal:

  • chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls
Did ya get that? Chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls! You can't get more fun! Oh wait, yes you can. The menu will make you laugh. Check out the "hot gooey mess" (grilled cheese sammie) and the "ooey gooey pasta." They offer something for everyone -- salads, burgers, pastas, sandwiches and flatbreads with interesting stuff on them. Nothing seems plain here.

Hop in a plane and go for lunch or dinner!

Here's Murali, pilot Parth, and Deb's cosmo:

Appetizer cheese plate:

Combo platter with black bean & goat cheese enchiladas, spinach enchiladas and pretty colorful tortilla chips:

A customer walking in even noticed it and asked what this dish was, it's so eye-catching!

Too soon, it was time to leave and fly off to the sunset:

We enjoyed the meal so much, we debated flying back tomorrow for lunch! Thankfully the route from 3CK to Madison is outside the current TFR for Obama's Labor Day visit to Milwaukee.

Oh, if you want to visit Bluephies, call ahead and make a reservation for the time you can arrive. The place filled up fast and reservations are recommended.

Finding Dinner Ideas in Madison

Itchin' for somethin' and someplace different to eat? Have friends or relatives in town and want to fly them someplace? Madison is an easy short flight, has an impressively big airport for new GA passengers, and has a vibrant downtown to visit. Here's a few sources for restaurant ideas in Madison:

Madison Dining Online -- Find everything from breweries to Peruvian. Includes lengthy and helpful restaurant reviews, like the reviews you see in a newspaper, not the kind of reviews on TripAdvisor. They've been doing this online guide since 1996, a lifetime in internet years. And you'll find a ton of listings you can search and browse, with a huge variety of restaurants not just a bunch of Subway locations.

Eating in Madison A to Z -- These people are doing just what the site says, eating in Madison restaurants in alphabetical order. They're up to "K" as of today. Correction -- they've been at this for years, they've gone A to Z already so lots of eating ideas here. The writing is fun and snappy. Sounds like real people living a real life, eating at real places. You'll enjoy reading while you find a place for eating.

The Daily Page - Madison Restaurants -- An easy-to-scan list with descriptions of nearly 200 restaurants with links to websites. Scan until something interesting catches your eye. And The Daily Page - Eats has mix of reviews, reader feedback, lots of snippets about places to eat.

Between these sites, you should find the food you seek. We think we just did for this weekend's outing! Will report on that trip soon.
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