Santa Claus, Indiana

This is a perfect week to call a winter destination to your attention: Santa Claus, Indiana. It's in southern Indiana, west of Louisville, Kentucky. Huntingburg Airport (HNB) is the closest, and it's 246 nm from 3CK.

Here's what you'll find in Santa Claus, Indiana (as if you aren't guessing already):
Visit the only post office in the world named after Santa Claus. If you decide you want to stay permanently, talk to the folks at HO HO HOldings. Maybe a place on Christmas Lake Golf Course would interest you.

If you haven't had enough of Santa Claus and Christmas yet, here are some photos:

The Santa Claus Christmas Store:

Frosty's Fun Center:

Finally, get mouth-watering sugary confections at Santa's Candy Castle:

You can get to this home of Christmas spirit in 1:41 in the Arrow from 3CK per the AOPA Flight Planner (we hope we don't get sued by "FlightThreat").

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