To Troy KVLL for Thanksgiving

Instead of a 6-hour drive, we chose to fly to Troy, Michigan -- KVLL -- to visit family for Thanksgiving.

We load our precious cargo, "Fly Boy" Chaai. The poor guy, we probably took advantage of his very kind mellow personality. He clearly did not enjoy the flight much, but he's too nice to complain about it.

It was not the most beautiful sky as we headed out, but the sight of Chicago so close from the air is always appreciated to see.

Imagine all the holiday shoppers down there on Michigan Avenue. Is anyone turning their eye to the sky and spotting us?

Check it out, the Sears Tower above the wingtip! Yeah we know what it's supposed to be called now, but it will always be the Sears Tower to us.

As we headed south past Gary, the windshield started picking up ice, which led to Parth's post about how this happened.

Our passenger wondered, when is this gonna be over already?!? Sorry buddy, we're facing a strong headwind, and it's a bit slow-going. Gonna be awhile.

So here's what you'll see as you come up on Southfield, Michigan and I-696. KVLL is only a few minutes beyond this.

OK, we intended to show you video of approaching and landing at KVLL, but Deb thought the video OFF button was the ON button ... so, no video. The runway is in a heavily built-up and populated area, tucked behind a Wal-Mart and across from a large shopping center. With the 496 guiding you there, you'll easily see it a few miles north of I-696.

One passenger was very relieved that we found the runway.

"Are we there yet?!? Can I have some turkey now?"


Terry said...

Hey Parth and Deb - I have seen 33815 many times at Blue Skies but have never had the privilege. Great post about your flight home for Thanksgiving. I love reading your posts to see how real people are using and enjoying aviation. Hopefully I'll get my medical back and convince my family to fly with me. Have a great holiday season, and I look forward to reading about your next trip!!! Even the minutia about ordering fuel or pre heats, long term parking, stuff people won't know if they hadn't done long x-countries is helpful. Thanks!


Parth said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your comment! Next time you see me doing pre-flight come on over for a ride.

And thanks for reading the blog; look forward to more of your comments.


deb said...

Thanks Terry! It's always fun to think about what to do with the next post while we're flying and traveling. And true, places like KVLL have hangars you can put planes in when you visit there so those details are great for pilots to know. Hope you can get your family to fly with you! Deb

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